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Corporate Secrets
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Be one of the first to get an autographed copy of Corporate Secrets personally signed by the auther C.J. Shelby. Just fill out the form below and submit it. Once we recieve the form we will get in touch with you to complete your order.
We hope this book will inspire you to do God's work by spreading the news of this book to others. People need to be more informed of our real current affairs. One great way to help make that possible is for those who reads this book to tell others what they think. Please feel free to come back and send me a review. It will be posted (good or bad) as long as you stay within the review submitting guidelines.

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To order book send a cashier's check or money order for $19.95 to the following address:
Corporate Secrets
305 Air Base Blvd., Montgomery,  Al  36108