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Below are the reviews sent to us by people who have read "Corporate Secrets: While America Sleeps."
Thanks to all who have sent in a review.

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What I read I thought was well written and could tell that you had done a lot of extensive research. I think you understand what is going on in the world today.

You should read the book of Ezekiel. It is about a lot of what you are talking about. The secrets of men in high places ( the government, and not only the government, but also in the house of God!) It also tells you the end of such that do these things. But we know, that we, who are true christians, have no part of their destiny.
-Gloria  Fla. USA

The book is very informative with a touch of care for the little people. Similar to Mike Moore's film (F 9/11), except it reaches both sides of the political world. It shows care for "the people," not the two-sided affairs of our government.
I especially like the chapter that referes to the family unit. That is a very important message to the families who do not spend enough time together. Family is the most important entity in our world and society has fallen short to protect these units. 
Thanks for the read,
-Jonathan, age 38
 Denver, Co.



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